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Flute Bore Definition. A flute bore is the inside of the instrument, where a stream of air from the player is transformed into music. The bore forms a cylindrical air .


what is flute bore

Shaku Big Bore
Balance vanishes and it becomes, essentially, a single octave flute. That's the tradeoff--second octave for the big bore timbre. True big bore flutes are single .


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Bore (wind instruments) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The bore of a wind instrument is its interior chamber that defines a flow path through which air travels . The shape of the bore has a strong influence on the instruments' timbre. . Clarinet (stopped); Flute (Boehm system open); Sudrophone .

Feel the Bore | SkipHealy.com
The basic shape of the bore in a "simple system" transverse (side-blown) flute has a cylindrical bore in the headjoint which at some point above the first tone .

Classical Bores I have known - Terry McGee Flutes
Classical Bores (I have known). Fascinating to compare the bores of some of the great flutes of history. We look at the bores of flutes by: Prowse (C. Nicholson's .

The Search for Rose's Improved Conoidal Bore - Terry McGee Flutes
Rockstro, in his massive compendium "A Treatise on the Flute", London 1890, sets us an intriguing puzzle - an alleged change in bore used in Rudall & Rose's .

Flute acoustics: an introduction
To oversimplify somewhat, the flute normally plays at the strongest bore resonance that is near the natural frequency of the jet. (We shall see below how register .

Musical Mathematics: Flute Tone Holes
We may predict the tuning of an existing instrument by first measuring various flute bore, embouchure hole, and tone hole dimensions, and then substituting .

Medium size flutes (machined pvc tenon joints, see photos page): Two-piece, tunable six-hole G flute @ $60, highest pitch larger-bore flute. Three-piece, tunable .

What shape is a flute bore
What shape is the flute bore? Depends on what flute you are discussing...but the modern orchestral flute bore is cylindrical. (Piccolo, by the way, is conical.) .

FAQ Native American Flute - Bore Sizes
Frequently asked question about bore sizes in the Native American Flute and how it effects the playability.

Jinashi - Natural Bore Shakuhachi
("Ji" refers to the filler used in the precision bore flutes. "Nashi" translates as " absence of". "Kan" means "tube" or "flute".) Jinashikan are very difficult to produce .

How to Make a Native American Flute : Making the Bore in a Native ...
Oct 24, 2008 . Learn how to make the bore in between two pieces of wood to make a Native American flute with expert music training tips in this free online .

(6) that the correct theoretical length for the flute bore could be determined from the foregoing information and the air temperature, (7) that the ratio of theoretical .

Flute Flag Page
This version is 28" assembled and can very effectively remove the condensation from the flute bore all of the way up to and including the cork face. This can be .

White Crow Flutes - Harmonics
While in the making of the Shukuhaci master flute makers will make subtle changes to the interior of the flute's bore to change the location of where nodes and .

Tony Dixon Music Catalogue
Low D tapered-bore flute whistle duo. The tapered bore gives these instruments a very responsive and solid tone, very noticeable particularly on the bottom .

Ergonomic and "Small-Handed" Flutes
Apr 7, 2010 . This doesn't work for all flute bores and embouchures. Much of my work in this field over the last 17 years has been to test and understand .

Boehm flutes
The net effect of his work was the overthrow of the design principles of the old flute (conical bore, closed-standing keys, six open holes under the fingers) and the .

Factors Effecting Tonal Quality - Page 3 | Hand Crafted Native ...
I will put the diameter of the flutes' bore as factor number six. The bore diameter is related to the key of the flute. Higher keys smaller bore. Lower keys - larger .

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Jim's Flutes - Gallery
Routing the Flute Blanks. After the blanks have been cut to size, they are routed out. This forms the SAC (slow air chamber), main bore, nest and flue. The nest .

Stellar Native American Style Flutes
Flute lengths may vary slightly "Bore" refers to the inside diameter of the flute . Half-inch bore. High G 16" 40.5cm. High F# 16.5" 42cm. High F 17.5" 44.5cm .

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Cane, Bamboo and Solid Bore Flutes by James Gilliland
James R. Gilliland, a Native American artist and flute maker for 15 + years from the hills of North Alabama retired from the Space Shuttle Program. He uses his .

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Making Irish Flutes - Sweetheart Flutes
For years, I've enjoyed the power and rich tone of what is popularly called the Irish Flute. Most people know this is a tapered ("conical") bore. Other types of flute .

Care of the Flute
Wooden flutes and piccolos will require occasional application of bore oil, which serves the twofold purpose of protecting the wood from cracking while helping .

Kingma & Brannen Alto Flutes
It can be ordered with a solid silver or silver plated body and is available in two different bore sizes. Each model Alto flute has soldered tone holes. All head .

Maintaining - woodenflute.com
I would think that one of the worst things you could do to a wooden flute is put a humidifier inside the bore. Flutes crack generally as a result of moisture being .

Original Bore Shape - Terry McGee Flutes
Apr 21, 2011 . In the first article in this series, we met the flute we are going to be working with, and saw the distorted shape of its bore as found. In this article .

Flutemaking Approach Mujitsu/Taimu Shakuhachi - Ken LaCosse
The term is especially relative to these particular flutes because of the nature of their construction. The emptiness (bore) and the form (bamboo) are equal, .

Tai Hei Shakuhachi- Jinashikan Endorsements
Looking down the bore I can see all the detail work that you put into this flute. Overall the whole flute is, well, EXCELLENT. I just love this flute. You have done an .

Shelburne - Success Stories - Windward Flutes - Community ...
In the past three and a half years, Windward Flutes, the company Yola and Forbes founded to repair, restore and design wooden tapered bore flutes has struck a .

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Video: Making the Bore in a Native American Flute | eHow.com
Making the Bore in a Native American Flute. Part of the series: How to Make a Native American Flute. Learn how to make the bore in between two pieces of .

FAQ Native American Flute - Length to Bore Ratios
How important is the length to bore ratio in a Native American Flute?

Hamilton Flutes
You can have a look at some extracts from my book "The Irish Flute Player's Handbook" . between the length of the cylindrical and conical sections of the bore.

Boehm System - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Prior to the development of the Boehm system, flutes were most commonly made of wood, with an inverse conical bore, eight keys, and tone holes (the openings .

Shaku Throated Flutes
A lovely page on the Nohkan flute includes a section on a 'nodo' or inner throat pipe fitted into the flute's bore. It's credited with creating the "mysterious and .

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NAFlutomat - Native American Flute Design Tool
Hole diameter, Wall thickness at hole, Calc. dist. from end of flute, Calc. dist. between holes. Total bore length: Finger diagram open open closed open open .

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Baroque flutes
The instrument emerged as the 'baroque flute' with significant modifications including a conical bore, the addition of a key for the right hand little finger, and a .

Native American Styled Cherry 307 Flutes
This flute is 21 1/2 inches in length and features a 3/4" flute bore. Please note that this flute was crafted entirely by hand including the flute bore. The cutting edge .

Native American Flutes | Jackson Hole Tim
Mar 30, 2012 . This flute is 21 1/2 inches in length and features a 3/4? flute bore. Please note that this flute was crafted entirely by hand including the flute .

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Baroque Flute Handbook/Care - Wikibooks, open books for an open ...
Baroque flutes are made of wood. When played, moisture condenses out of the breath to settle on the flute's inner bore. The wood inside the bore absorbs this .

How to Clean Flute Bore | eHow.co.uk
How to Clean Flute Bore. Clean flute bore after every time you play it. Learn how to make your flute last in this free flute care and maintenance video from an .

Simple Elegance Ironwood NAF Flute | 3FeathersFlutes.com
Apr 2, 2012 . This flute is a fairly long flute coming in at 25 inches in length and features a 7/8 ? flute bore. The cutting edge is built into the body of the flute .

How the recorder bore profile evolved, from the simple cylindrical bore of the medieval instruments to the complex conical profile of those of the baroque period.

The Flute Family
17 recorder bore. Down. 1 type of flute where air is blown perpendicular. 2 flute bore. 3 inventor of modern flute. 4 not an embouchure-hole flute. 5 awkward .

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What is an Irish flute? (Pt. 1)
Now you might ask, if cylindrical Renaissance flutes were out of tune between octaves, why is a cylindrical bore whistle in tune with itself between octaves?

Larry Krantz Flute Pages: Flute Making Bibliography
The Renaissance flute is a good step for people who have already made a few plastic tubing (PVC flutes). This flute has a straight bore, and can be done with an .

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