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Books. Essential new books about numismatics and specialized in shipwreck coins and artifacts. The following books are generally in print and available in .


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Spanish Colonial Silver Coins in the Florida Collection (Florida ...
Spanish Colonial Silver Coins in the Florida Collection (Florida Heritage): ALAN K. CRAIG: 9780813017488: Books.


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Spanish Colonial Coin Information, Spanish Coin Identification Guide
Spanish colonial coin types such as the pillar, shield, pillar and waves, milled pillar, and milled bust minted at Mexico City, Lima, and Potosi.

Spanish colonial coins, Atocha shipwreck coins, and ancient coin ...
Sales of authentic Spanish coins, Spanish colonial coins, ancient coin jewelry and shipwreck treasure coins like those from the Spanish treasure galleon Atocha.

Spanish colonial coins of North America, Mexico mint - Google Books
Go to Google Books Home . about/ . Spanish colonial coins of North America, Mexico mint: variations in the .

A scarce reference on colonial coins of the Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, . and sought after hardcover version of this beautiful and important reference book.

University Press of Florida: Spanish Colonial Silver Coins in the ...
"After Spain's colonial American mints poured forth a flood of silver coins, some of that treasure ended up in wrecks off the Florida coast. Alan Craig's captivating .

University Press of Florida: Spanish Colonial Gold Coins in the ...
From the foreword: "It has been a great comfort over the years to know that Alan Craig was always able and willing to guide the growth of the Florida Collection .

<article-title>Spanish Colonial Gold Coins in the Florida Collection ...
stories excluded from traditional history books such as the origin of the word . The State of Florida's collection of Spanish colonial gold coins is recognized as .

FAQ to Coins of Colonial and Early America
Price Guide - For a price listing of the retail value for colonial coins, see: R.S. Yeoman, A Guide Book of United States Coins, annual publication, 53 edition in .

Spanish Colonial Silver Coins in the Florida ... - H-Net Reviews
Spanish Colonial Gold Coins in the Florida Collection. . Still, Craig has given these books wider appeal by discussing the collection within the context of new .

Spanish Colonial Silver Coins in the Florida ... - ANS Magazine
Book Reviews. Spanish Colonial Silver Coins in the Florida Collection · Le monnayage de la cité phénicienne de Sidon à l'époque perse (Ve-IVe s. av. J.-C. ). resources
These include the websites and books listed below. If you would . John Chen's and Carlos Jara's Spanish Colonial Pillar Coinage website is a useful resource.

The Practical Book of Cobs - Wizard Coin Supply
The Practical Book of Cobs is a reference book on Spanish colonial coins by Daniel Sedwick and Frank Sedwick. First published in 1987, the book has been .

The Practical Book of Cobs. 4th Edition. Daniel ... - Sedwick Coins
Product Description: The Practical Book of Cobs is a reference book on Spanish colonial coins by Daniel Sedwick The Practical Book of Cobs ISBN# .

Scuba News - Sedwick Coins
Specialists in the colonial coinage of Spanish America as well as shipwreck coins . The Practical Book of Cobs By Daniel Frank Sedwick and Frank Sedwick .

Cobs: Pieces of Eight and Treasure Coins--The Early Spanish ...
Publisher: learn how customers can search inside this book. Tell the Publisher! I' d like to read . Spanish Colonial Silver Coins in the Florida … ALAN K. CRAIG . Standard Catalog of World Coins Spain, Portugal and ...
Aside from that omission, this book is worth buying in the sense that if all you collect is Spanish/Portugese Colonial Coins you won't have to buy the Other .

Spanish-Colonial Reales - W I K I C O I N S
Dec 18, 2011 . So it was actually the Spanish-Colonial reale coin subdivisions that are . front section of The Red Book: A Guidebook Of United States Coins, .

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Feb 6, 2011. silver coins by die variety, and French, Dutch and Spanish Colonial coins. . Other numismatic publications include The Coins of Colonial America . R. LASSER 1923 - 2011 ( .

Pirate History & Spanish Coins
Sep 25, 2007 . Some of the most popular topics for books and movies are those . Coins carried by these ships consisted of both Spanish colonial cobs and .

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Spanish Colonial Colombian Coins
Introduction to Spanish Colonial Colombian Coins . The Practical Book of Cobs, Third Edition, by Daniel Sedwick and Frank Sedwick, Winter Park, Florida, .

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Standard Catalog of World Coins – Spain, Portugal and the New ...
Included in the book are a number of introductory essays. The first, “The Colonial Coinage of Spanish America: by Daniel Frank Sedwick, traces in a concise and .

University Press of Florida: UPF Book Series List
A companion piece to Craig's recent book "Spanish Colonial Silver Coins in the Florida Collection," this book is an updated version of the author's earlier .

Spanish Colonial Coins, Spanish Coins Minted In The New World
Spanish coin offerings include hand manufactured cobs and machine manufactured milled pillar and milled bust coins, struck mostly at the Spanish colonial .

Enrada Publications
Danny Lee, DHL Rare Coins Inc. “No doubt about it, this is a book every collector of Spanish & Spanish Colonial coins should own and keep within arm's reach.

The C-4 Library Page - The Colonial Coin Collectors Club
Now is the time to put those books you haven't used in a while to good use. . Craig, Alan K., Spanish Colonial Gold Coins in the Florida Collection, University .

The History of the United States Silver Dollar
The Spanish colonial American 8-reales coin beginning in 1772 has a weight . Milford Henry Bolender's book “The United States Early Silver Dollars from 1794 .

Coin Books & Auction Catalogs: Miscellaneous: For Sale (SEMANS)
Means a used but decent copy (bookseller Vg); otherwise books are new or . 452, Wright, L.W. V., Colonial & Commonwealth Coins: A Practical Guide to the . 1990 (2nd costs $22, is bilingual) Priced catalog, Spanish, some cover stain.

Pirate Treasure Coins
How and where these coins were produced; Diagrams of the more common Spanish Colonial coins; Listing of known assayers of the Spanish Colonial mints .
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America's Early History: Colonial Money ... - US Coin Values Advisor
Of special importance were the coins that migrated to the colonies from Spanish possessions in the New World. Included in these were the Spanish milled dollar .

Coinage in the Americas - Coin Collecting
You can use a good foreign coin book to identify the many mint marks appearing on Spanish colonial American coins. In general, the most common coins carry .

Gold Cobs from The 1715 Fleet & Treasure Cobs from The Florida ...
Spanish Colonial gold and silver coins from Lima, Mexico, Cuzco, Bogotá, . some rare and often expensive reference books and catalogues at attractive prices.

Shipwreck Coins
Spanish Colonial coins from the 1784 Spanish, El Cazador Shipwreck off the . is the first coin featured in the Red Book (A Giuide Book of United States Coins), .

Specialized Numismatic Reference Books / Coin Books
Go to Jake's Master Index of Standard Numismatic Reference Books . detailed catalog with analysis of coins produced by the Spanish colonies at Mexico City.

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Spanish colonial real - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The coins circulated throughout Spain's colonies and beyond, with the eight-real piece, known in English as the Spanish dollar, becoming an international .

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About us: Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC. Specialists in the colonial ...
Specialists in the colonial coinage of Spanish America as well as shipwreck . the field of Spanish colonial numismatics with his book The Practical Book of Cobs. . In addition to learning about cobs and Spanish colonial coinage, she is also .

A-Z Colonial Coins of Early America eBay Store About My Store
Coins, Books, Artifacts and Relics: 1715 fleet gold and silver, Spanish, Dutch, US & world, Spanish colonial, Shipwreck, Nautical, Biblical & religious, 1776 dates .!

Spanish Gold Escudos Coins, Gold Doubloons
Spanish and Spanish colonial gold coins were minted in denominations of 8, 4, 2 , 1, and 1/2 escudos, the 1/2 escudos existing only in the later milled bust type .

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Results for Books:Coins
Researched and written by Spanish colonial coin expert Carol Tedesco, this book answers the most frequently asked questions about the coins of the Atocha .

More Spanish Colonial Coins
The milled Spanish colonial 8 reales coins and its time-honored fractional coins of 4, . The Practical Book of Cobs, Third Edition, by Daniel Sedwick and Frank .

Coin jewelry, a shipwreck treasure found in Jupiters ship wreck ...
Coin jewelry found while treasure diving in Jupiters ship wreck - A shipwreck . your copy from the Ship's Store or at Barnes and Noble and Borders book stores . Spanish colonial treasure coins with pillar and wave strikes can be found on the .

Philippine Coins. Spanish to American Colonial era. Filipiniana collection, coins, paper money, stamps, postcards, tokens, medals, military items, books, .

Spanish Treasure Bars From New World Shipwrecks, Volume One ...
Colonial Silver Coins In The Florida. Collection and Spanish Colonial Gold. Coins in the . We present here a review of the book, chapter by chapter. Chapter 1 .

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Ponterio, Kent - Stack's Bowers Galleries - Coin and Currency Experts
His collecting interest soon switched to Spanish Colonial coinage while . as well as published a book in Colombia on the 8 Escudo cob coinage struck at the .

Numismalink -- Agustin Garcia
Yet without SOME basic knowledge of Spanish many of the best books, . students of Spanish Colonial coins, giving him or her access to the treasuries of .

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