2012 Republican Presidential Candidates on Gun Control
Compare the 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates head-to-head on Gun . However, it was his discourse on the state of nature and state of war that . machine guns and other automatic firearms from the general public, primarily . This is one of the many quotes he has made over the years concerning the issue.


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The GOP War On Women In One Simple Quote Graphic | MoveOn.Org
Apr 24, 2012 . The GOP War On Women In One Simple Quote Graphic . Help fight the right- wing spin machine with the best progressive videos and graphics from around the . Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.


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Political Quotes, Famous Political Quotes, Politics Quotes Sayings ...
Famous quotes, funny quotes, inspirational and motivational quotations, literary . Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed. . Nothing can so alienate a voter from the political system as backing a winning candidate. . The political machine triumphs because it is a united minority acting against a .

Jeb Bush: GOP 'appealing to people's fears' - POLITICO.com
Feb 24, 2012 . Bush expressed concern about the type of rhetoric the candidates . Reply; Quote; Report Abuse . It is heavily subsidised from the biggest hate machine of all--the NRA. . He didn't have a chance against a "hope and change" candidate, and the Liberals and many Republicans were sick of the war and .

Mitt Romney on the Issues
2011 Republican primary debate at the Iowa State Fair, Aug. 11, 2011, prior to the . War & Peace, Drugs, Tax Reform, Abortion. Free Trade, Health . Click here for 43 full quotes on Abortion OR other candidates on Abortion OR background on Abortion. . (Sep 2011); America is an extraordinary jobs machine. (Sep 2011) .

"Herbert Hoover's Tragic Presidency "
During the Great War he served in a voluntary capacity as director of the Food . and there was even talk in 1920 of him being the Republican candidate for president. . with which the political machinery is unable to cope, I will be the one to suffer". . All quotations unless otherwise noted are from Robert S. McElvaine, The .

Woodrow Wilson
Despite the rigors of war and Reconstruction, the Wilsons managed to . James “ Sugar Jim” Smith held the reins of the state machine and thought the . but the new governor spearheaded a movement on behalf of another candidate — and won. . challenge from his Republican opponent, Supreme Court Associate Justice .

Elections | Politics | Fox News
Find the most recent news about the presidential candidates, 2012 elections and the . Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney says "of course " he . And President Obama's reelection machine has enlisted a veritable army of . President Obama's campaign is hammering a Mitt Romney quote from five .

Obama wins GOP Primaries (to date) - European Tribune ...
Feb 8, 2012 . Ever since the GOP primaries got going in earnest, Obama's rating has been . yet while Harpo's my favourite, it's Groucho I'm always quoting. . this stage: once a candidate is chosen, all the Republican media war machine .

Grover Norquist - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Norquist traveled to several war zones to help support anti-Soviet guerrilla armies in the . The meetings have been called "a must-attend event for Republican . Journalist William Greider quotes him saying his goal is to bring America back . Mother Jones. http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2004/01/soul -new-machine.

GOP candidates descend on 2012 CPAC conference « 2012 ...
Feb 9, 2012 . Three of the current GOP candidates will be speaking this Friday at the 2012 . Gingrich and Santorum are "busy" jotting down the quotes from Ron Paul . of world opinion by pursuing needless belligerence and war that have . The dollar's soundness depends on its being untied from the machine that can .

Norman Thomas Quote - Liberty Quotes Blog
Quotation by Norman Thomas: The American people will never knowingly . Candidate, both quit American politics, agreeing that the Republican . as fodder for their machine, they will have a champion able to promise solutions that . But he cleverly never gave any specifics except ending the war in Iraq & closing Gitmo.

Why GOP candidates are talking about space – Light Years - CNN ...
Jan 27, 2012 . Then, they anointed Romney as the candidate best suited to get the program . get free auto insurance quotes from the best providers in the industry. . used as a military base since these candidates love the War Machine.

Late Night Political Jokes - Late Night Jokes Updated Daily
Perry said he chose Romney because out of the one candidate left, he's the best. . "I think the Republican Party is at war with common sense. . “The protesters say Google is underestimating the dangers of merging man with machine. . Then Romney went on to quote some of his favorite funny quotes from the movie .

Dangerous Minds | Ron Paul's ideas expose deep contradictions in ...
Jan 2, 2012. to the perpetual war machine and “American empire”—very much at the core of the . But before I block-quote from Zoller's essay, I wanted to preface that with a . he has made the most sense of the Republican candidates.

2012 Republican Presidential Candidates on Marijuana
Compare the 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates head-to-head on . Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (FBNDD), who was once quoted as saying that, . explained that the invention of the decorticator machine presented a serious . And the war against marijuana causes so much hardship and accomplishes nothing .

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Michigan primary nears, and Republicans seek candidate who can ...
Feb 25, 2012 . In Michigan, candidates navigate a political landscape marked by decay but also showing signs of hope. . Middle East · National Security · War Zones · Special Reports · Columns & Blogs . A small sign by the Caddie includes a quote: . who has spent years building his political machine here but saw his .

Tim Pawlenty on the Issues
2011 Republican primary debate at the Iowa State Fair, Aug. 11, 2011, prior to the . War & Peace, Drugs, Tax Reform, Abortion. Free Trade . Click here for 8 full quotes on Abortion OR other candidates on Abortion OR background on Abortion. Criminal . Pro-gun, but barred machine guns from security detail. (Jan 2011) .

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Which 2012 GOP Candidate Offers the Most Spending Cuts
All of the Republican candidates have detailed plans for modifying the tax code. . So using the magical money machine to pay the bills just shifts the tax . TARP, auto bailout, and Cash for Clunkers; Voted against the Iraq War . Reply Quote .

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Instruments of Fear: America and the War Machine | www ...
Apr 3, 2012 . The War Machine I refer to is the huge contracts that supply our U.S. government with military and . It was Benjamin Franklin who made this quote: . But, if somehow the Republican candidate becomes president and also the .

Harry S Truman quotes, quotations, phrases, words
Harry S Truman quotes, quotations, poems, phrases, words .

2012 Presidential Candidates on Marijuana
Compare and other 2012 Presidential Candidates head-to-head on Marijuana. . Jack Herer explained that the invention of the decorticator machine presented a serious . I will end the decades long and completely unconstitutional Civil War on our . “Well, I just think as a Republican, for me, serving as Governor of New .

Barack Obama's Political Views
A look at the potential candidates to be chosen as the Republican Vice . wants to talk to the same people who are trying to get nuclear arms" (loosely quoted) but if . the theft of billions on a war supported by the war machine and the poor, .

Pro-Ron Paul ad features RT — RT
Jan 12, 2012 . Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-TX) speaks during a campaign . entirely on the candidate's discern for the war propaganda machine . with a recent quote from Paul where he declares that having another war .

Which GOP Candidate Can Win the Latino Vote? | Right Wing News
On paper, the field of GOP presidential candidates is a unique sort, especially in the context of “Latino issues. . of the GOP candidates stacks up against the Obama campaign machine — in particular, . Top 10 Beavis And Butthead Quotes . His message of ending the ineffective and destructive drug war which is causing .

Jay Severin's Best and Brightest
Jay Severin,libertarian,republican. . We Who Dared To Say No To War , Man Vs Machine Prior to Ron Paul, no presidential candidate in US history had been able to rise in popularity even as Jay Severin's mainstream media declared the .

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Newt Gingrich on the Issues
Profile VoteMatch. Former Republican Representative (GA-6) and Speaker of the House . To Save America: Stopping Obama's Secular-Socialist Machine, by Newt Gingrich . War & Peace, Drugs, Tax Reform, Abortion . Click here for 8 full quotes on Abortion OR other candidates on Abortion OR background on Abortion .

Republican Congressional Candidate Says 'Holocaust Never ...
Feb 29, 2012 . A congressional candidate running as a Republican in the upcoming Illinois . in the United States to Germany following the end of World War I. . No doubt an oversight by Mr Jones, who surely intended to put "survivors" in quotes. . The Cook County Dem machine could undercut this guy anytime they .

Politician Quotes, Famous Politician Quotes, Quotations, Sayings ...
Famous quotes, funny quotes, inspirational and motivational quotations, literary, historical. . If God had wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates. . The political machine triumphs because it is a united minority acting against a divided . I have been thinking that I would make a proposition to my Republican .

Thorner: What matters most in a Republican candidate” – Part 2 ...
Feb 7, 2012 . Thorner: What matters most in a Republican candidate” – Part 2 . What I was trying to convey in Part 1 is the present tug of war between conservative Republicans, . abet with the unabashed support of the liberal media's spin machine. . The above Murdock's quote leads directly into what is my final .

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South Carolina Republican debate: Stopping Mitt Romney - as it ...
Jan 17, 2012 . The five Republican presidential candidates in tonight's debate in South . Of course he finishes off this issue with a paradigmatic Romney quote: . Ron Paul continues on his "no more war" theme, and again there are . to the (free) popcorn machine, Rick Santorum seems to have done the most damage.

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The Best Candidate in a Losing Effort - Ricochet.com
Feb 16, 2012 . My essential thesis was that none of the candidates were strong enough (at the time, the national. . jaws of the Obama machine having been rendered, by his own hand for the most part, . candidate, John McCain - would be blamed on the Republican . Comment (51); · Quote; · UnfollowFollow (4); · Edit .

Ron Paul 2012 Polls
This page is updated daily with the latest Ron Paul polls for the Republican primary race. . The “Cosmic Love” by Florence & The Machine,we all feel “ When The Man . When I say I want change, what I really mean is I want a candidate that says . That F*** actually wants to stop wars and he actually has the balls to do it, .

Obama strong vs. beleaguered GOP foes - Politico
Feb 27, 2012 . Reply; Quote; Report Abuse . It is Ok to vote for Plans that Raise the debt (all GOP Candidates Raise Debt w/tax plans). It is OK to . The GOP smear machine hasn't really fired up yet. . 3. The left's war on Rush's advertisers .

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Perpetual (or not) GOP Presidential Candidates Thread - Ars ...
Quote: Obama, who had an amazing network set up 4 years ago, and can probably get it up and running in no time . No matter who the R candidate is, relying on TV is not a winner. . Politics is war. . warmachine wrote: .

Eugene V. Debs - Wikiquote
As quoted in "Life of Eugene V. Debs" by Stephen Marion Reynolds, in Debs . As a rule, large capitalists are Republicans and small capitalists are . opening speech delivered as Presidential candidate of the Socialist Party, Indianapolis, Indiana (1 September 1904) . War, bloody war, must be ended by the working class.

Dear Republican Candidates, You Have us all Wrong | Informed ...
Jan 8, 2012 . Dear Republican candidates: You are campaigning on talking points . Anyone who believes Ron Paul would “Stop the War Machine” or “reduce . at this historical juncture this quote applies to women in a big sort of way .

What Do The Four Remaining GOP Candidates Have In Common ...
Mar 22, 2012 . This entry was posted in Graphics, Partisan, Republicans, War on Women and tagged . Help fight the right-wing spin machine with the best progressive videos and . The GOP War On Women In One Simple Quote Graphic .

Palling around with Nazis: How Republican rhetoric obscures Ron ...
Jan 3, 2012 . He'd alleged that Obama's foreign policy amounted to World War II-style Nazi . Not one Republican candidate has mentioned this photograph, . The current political machine gifts billions to tyrants who do real Naziesque things. . Re: The author quoted Newsone, which has clearly demonstrated that .

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PJ Media » Friendly Fire: GOP Attacking Wrong Target
Dec 5, 2011 . The GOP presidential candidates have a much more shortsighted . and then airs a quote from Glenn Beck: “Where are the people who say all of this . the GOP candidates are the “useful idiots” of the commie war-machine.

Thomas E. Dewey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 1944 and 1948, he was the Republican candidate for President, but lost both times. . Nations and the "Cold War" fight against communism and the Soviet Union. . and Dewey was once quoted as saying that "I work like a horse five days and . Eisenhower became a candidate Dewey used his powerful political machine .

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    Quotes of Will Rogers. I was born on . You can be killed just as dead in an unjustified war as you can in one protecting your own home. . I will admit it has rained more under Republican administrations. . The side with the most machine guns will win it. . It looks like everybody gets run over but Presidential candidates.

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