What is a Biceps Tenodesis?
Biceps. Tenodesis? As a part of your operation you have also had a “biceps tenodesis. . If you have a small incision with just one or two stitches . repair, total shoulder replacement, reverse total shoulder replacement, or . get to your armpit.


bicep reair underarm incision

How Does Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery Work
You are about to embark on the arthroscopic rotator cuff repair journey. The goal of rotator cuff . arthroscopy, a small incision is made near the armpit. Figure 7: Through the “subpectoral” incision, the biceps tendon is retrieved. A drill is use to .


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Distal Biceps Repair
acute rupture, including the classic two-incision technique with transosseous suture . monly axillary or supraclavicular, which may minimize anesthetic morbidity and . EndoButton-assisted repair of distal biceps tendon ruptures. J Shoulder .

Bicep Tendon Injuries | Dr. Millett Vail Sports Medicine
Dr. Millett, uses arthroscopic shoulder surgery to treat bicep tendon injuries . to repair the injured tendon with minimal incisions using arthroscopic surgery. . the scar becomes invisible in the armpit, and the muscle appearance returns to .

Biceps Rupture | eorthopod.com
A Patient's Guide to Biceps Rupture Introduction A biceps rupture involves a . by making an incision on the front of the shoulder, just above the axilla (armpit). . When the surgeon is satisfied with the repair, the skin incisions are closed, and .

Distal Biceps Avulsion - Sports - Orthobullets.com
Feb 2, 2012 . Kelly et al retrospectively looked at the complications of repair of the distal biceps tendon with the modified two-incision technique in 74 patients .

Subpectoral Biceps Tenodesis with MILAGRO™ Bioreplaceable ...
head of the biceps can be performed through a cosmeti- cally appealing axillary incision . operative course follows the rotator cuff repair protocol.

Smith & Nephew | BICEPTOR Tenodesis System
Portal establishment for a sub-pectoral biceps tenodesis repair: Make a 4 cm incision beginning at the superior aspect of the axillary fold and running laterally .

Biceps and SLAP Lesions - Boston Shoulder Institute - The Boston ...
The Biceps muscle is a strong muscle in the front of the arm that contracts to bend the elbow. . Q- What does the incision and cosmetics look like after a tenodesis ? . work, but should not actively raise the arm so as not to pull on the repair.

Minimal Incision Brachioplasty ~ How Does This Work?
There is a mini arm lift procedure that involves a relatively .

Bicep and Tricep Implant Surgery - Are You a Candidate?
Mar 17, 2011 . To place bicep or tricep implants, your surgeon will make an incision in your upper arm or armpit. The goal is to place these incisions so that the .

bicep tenodesis - blisters around incision
. on track, except for red patches of oozy blisters around incision. from shapes, . by nightwishh; bicep tenodesis and SAD for SLAP repair? by riderk . on my chest and underarm. was so excited bout seeing doctor today so .

Torn Elbow Tendon Treatment | eHow.com
According to Orthogate, biceps tendons torn at the elbow account for 3 percent of . With a direct repair surgery, a small incision is made above the elbow.

Subpectoral Biceps Tenodesis With Interference Screw Fixation
Abstract: The proximal portion of the long head of the biceps is a recognized cause of anterior shoulder . tendon is withdrawn from the joint and out of the incision. . With a rotator cuff repair, . or axillary nerve injury, and injury to the brachial .

Biceps Rupture Workup
Jan 18, 2012 . Tendon ruptures of the biceps brachii, one of the dominant muscles of the arm, . Anteroposterior and axillary films are the most useful views for ruling out . after repair of distal biceps tendon rupture utilizing a single-incision .

Biceps Tendonitis | eorthopod.com
A Patient's Guide to Biceps Tendonitis Introduction Biceps tendonitis, also called . The cells are unable to repair themselves, leading to tendonitis. . begins by making an incision on the front of the shoulder, just above the axilla (armpit).

Charles L. Getz, M.D. : Rothman Institute Orthopaedics
. Wierzbowski L, Ramsey ML, Williams GR: Axillary Nerve Monitoring During Thermal . Bozentka DJ: Distal Biceps Tendon Repair: One-Incision Incision vs.

Orthopaedic - The Superolateral Approach to the Shoulder
We therefore wanted to develop a local procedure for cuff repair that would bring . The skin incision starts at the anterior border of the acromioclavicular joint and . The risk of damaging the axillary nerve, which lies on the deep surface of the . The rotator interval, the superior half of subscapularis and the biceps tendon .

SCOI Technique for Biceps Tenodesis
At our institute, we use a simple technique to perform a mini-open biceps . a drill hole in the proximal humerus using a one to two-inch anterior axillary incision. . Besides allowing repair of torn shoulder labrum and capsule, the Shuttle also .

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Breast Augmentation: Transaxillary Incisions
To perform the transaxillary incision, the incision is made in the natural folds of the armpit tissue, then a channel is created up to the breast. This procedure is .

Proximal Humerus ORIF
Most common site of injury to the axillary artery is in the third part(named in relation to the pec minor) of the artery at the origin of the anterior and posterior humeral circumflex arteries . Deltopectoral incision from just medial to AC joint to just lateral to the proximal edge of the biceps muscle belly. . Repair the rotator interval.

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Michael G. McNamara, MD and Robert Thomas, PA-C
The top of the labrum acts as a biceps tendon attachment and this is the area where . the bone with the sutures tied over the labrum and/or biceps anchor for repair. . and then either through arthroscope or small anterior open incision the biceps is . cleaning well under the armpit and placing baby powder under the armpit .

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Arm Lift Incision Location? Doctor Answers, Tips
Most experienced surgeons will place the incision on the inner .

Stabilization of the Biceps Tendon
Sometimes the long head of the biceps is the only remaining tendon in a complex . and after stabilization may be incorporated in the rotator cuff repair. Often . subluxation of the tendon, then a deltoid split incision is used over the biceps . but limiting the split to less than 5 cm from the acromion to protect the axillary nerve.

Transfer of the tendon of latissimus dorsi for the treatment of massive ...
A single dorsal incision is used to mobilise the latissimus dorsi . latissimus transfer instead of repair of the rota- tor cuff was . the long head of biceps if necessary. A triangular incision was made from the axillary pouch to its apex and from the .

We describe a method of exposing the whole length of the axillary and suprascapular nerves through a sabre-cut incision. The coracoid process is osteotomised .

Biceps Tenodesis - St. George's Shoulder Unit
Biceps Tenodesis. . An 5cm incision will be made in the in the axilla (armpit) just under the edge of the pectoralis major muscle (the large muscle at the front of .

Shoulder Dislocation
Dec 31, 2009 . Cartilage repair and capsulorraphy (ligament repair and tightening) for tears . longer (10 cm) vertical incision to the patient's shoulder, above the armpit. . as a point of attachment for ligaments of the shoulder and the biceps .

Multiple nerve transfers for the reanimation of shoulder and elbow ...
Selective neurotization of biceps and brachialis muscles. Original Article . not available for grafting, hence repair is based on nerve transfer or neurotization. Between Feb . transfers to both the suprascapular and axillary nerves to achieve better . incision was made along the posterior border of deltoid. The cutaneous .

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Nerve Transfers for Adult Traumatic Brachial Plexus Palsy (Brachial ...
Dec 7, 2006 . Although neurolysis, nerve repair, and nerve grafting have been used . musculocutaneous nerve and axillary nerves have been described, both . a 15- cm necklace incision [10, 11] situated 1 cm above and parallel to the clavicle. . The biceps fascia is opened and the musculocutaneous nerve identified.

Surgical Repair of an Acute Latissimus Dorsi Tendon Avulsion ...
suture anchors through a single incision along the posterior axillary fold. . of a tender mass in the region of the posterior axillary fold. He had no significant medical . a cadaveric model for repair of the distal biceps tendon, the use of 2 suture .

Arthroscopic Shoulder Stabilisation
Distal Biceps Rupture . Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair Video . You will have two small incisions at the back and front of your shoulder. . Make sure the armpit is as dry as possible because of the risk of a sweat rash or an armpit infection.

Medical Terminology for the Shoulder
biceps repair - tenodesis of the distal biceps tendon to the radius bone, as is . side of the shaft of the humerus, with nerve supply from the axillary nerve from the . is used to repair the rotator cuff through a single, small incision, usually about 3 .

Pectoral / Bicep / Calf Implants | San Francisco Plastic ...
Incisions, in bicep/tricep and pectoral enhancements, are placed in well-hidden areas (in the armpit). Recovery is quick and tolerated. Call Dr. Javaheri for an .

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Diseases of the Brachial Plexus - CAL > Home
(20) The axillary nerve supplies the flexors of the shoulder, including the teres major, teres . The musculocutaneous innervates the biceps brachii and brachialis and . is sufficient indication for visualization of the radial nerve during fracture repair. . Incision along the medial edge of the brachiocephalicus ( cleidobrachialis) .

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Anterior Shoulder Reconstruction - Wheeless' Textbook of ...
Mar 2, 2011 . insert a blunt retractor inferiorly to protect the axillary nerve, insert two single pronged . carry this vertical capsular incision superiorly into the rotator interval, which . if the Bankhart lesion is large enough for repair, freshen the . it is also essential that sutures are not pass thru the biceps tendon, since this .

Care of the post-op shoulder arthroplasty patient
. head of the biceps brachii muscle of the arm (see Important bones of the shoulder). . Hemiarthroplasty can be performed to repair a fracture of the humeral neck . An anterioposterior view, an axillary view, and a lateral view are needed so that the . At the time the dressing is changed, the incision should be assessed for .

The Dislocated Shoulder - Conquest Chronicles
Jun 28, 2008 . The biceps tendon actually begins at the top of the shoulder socket . The ball of the shoulder may be felt in the armpit and the back of the shoulder may feel hollow. . Each type of dislocation has their own separate surgical repair and each of those can either be done "open", through a surgical incision, .

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Radial Nerve Entrapment Treatment & Management
Feb 15, 2012 . The incision continues in the biceps/brachialis interval. . a neurotmesis, rarely occurs in an entrapment syndrome; even with surgical repair, .

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Recently I had an intense pain in my armpit for no apparent reason, the next morning I woke to find a large bruise on the inside of my bicep(left) which . from what you had i can figure out that you had a secondary tendon repair that is . size and area of the incision that would be necessary to address the cyst and/or ACL.

Aortic arch repair with right brachial artery perfusion -- Tasdemir et al ...
The incision is carried down to the fascia of the biceps after identifying its medial . After terminating the distal repair, with the head of the table tilted downward, the . Although some complications as brachial plexus injury and axillary artery .

Shoulder Dislocations | eorthopod.com
The labrum is also where the biceps tendon attaches to the glenoid. . Fractures of the humerus and damage to any of the nerves (e.g., axillary, brachial . There are many different ways to repair a chronically unstable shoulder following a . Shoulder reconstruction surgery may be done with an open incision method or with .

Orthopaedic - The Deltoid Flap : Operative Thechnique and Indication
The incision begins at the acromioclavicular joint, follows the anterior edge of the acromion . 2) (the axillary nerve runs 3 cm distally). . Deltoid flap repair Starting with the part of the deltoid muscle used for the . The biceps tendon was sound in 44% of patients, inflamed in 25%, displaced in 6%, and absent or torn in 24%.

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Supinator muscle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Innervation of the Supinator Muscle and Its Relationship to Two-Incision Distal Biceps Tendon Repair: An Anatomic Study". Clinical Anatomy 23: 413–419.

Online Journal Club
Intrasynovial Flexor Tendon Repair: An Experimental Study Comparing Low and . Radioulnar Synostosis After the Two-Incision Biceps Repair: A Standardized . Axillary Block for Analgesia During Manipulation of Forearm Fractures in the .

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  • Musculocutaneous Nerve Lesion (C5-C6) | Doctor | Patient UK
    Jun 7, 2010. before placing a retractor on the medial side of the incision to retract . It presents with loss of biceps' and brachialis' power without a disturbing pain . of the musculocutaneous nerve are amenable to surgical repair. . [abstract]; Colak T, Bamac B, Alemdar M, et al; Nerve conduction studies of the axillary, .

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